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We strive to meet the information needs of you, our patrons; whether you’re visiting us for education, entertainment, inspiration, or refreshment. To that end, we have listed below a number of services that should help. This is your library and we love hearing from you so please let us know if you have any suggestions requests/complaints/compliments. The following is a list of some services we offer. Look to the left for information on library cards, museum passes, adult literacy, computer classes, and our meeting room / study rooms.


Mobile Hotspots

 We now offer small devices you can check out that will allow you to access the internet on the go. These are called Mobile HotSpots. You can connect up to 10 devices at a time that need wireless. The device works off the T-

Mobile Broadband network - so wherever there is T-Mobile service you will have the internet. So now you can have the web on vacation, in the park, in your car or at a family reunion.

The simple directions to use the HotSpot are attached to the HotSpot.

Loan Rules:

  • You must be at least 17 years old to check out a HotSpot.
  • One (1) checkout per household
  • Do Not return In Bookdrop
  • Return to first floor checkout desk
  • HotSpot will be remotely deactivated if not returned by the due date
  • Users of the HotSpot agree to abide by the Library's internet policy and T-Mobile's acceptable use policy which prohibits pirating, illegal downloads, and viewing child pornography
  • You are responsible for all materials associated with the Library's HotSpot and will pay for damage to the device/components.


Disability Services

Includes Audio Books, Catalog Assistance (for placing reserves, holding material), Handicapped accessible building and computers, Large print books, Reference questions answered in person, by telephone or email, and a TDD machine and a state of the art low vision work station.

Low Vision work station

This equipment includes a video magnifier.  This device  projects an enlarged image of print material onto a monitor. It is equipped with autofocus and controls to adjust contrast, brightness and even the color. In addition to the video magnifier, the library's workstation offers a computer equipped with software that can magnify the image on the computer monitor. Users can control the degree of magnification, contrast, color schemes, and cursor size and color. This software also includes a screen reader component.  The screen reader will read aloud emails, web pages, and text documents.

Interlibrary Loan

The Pollard Memorial Library is a member of the Merrimack Valley Library Consortium (MVLC) which is an alliance of over 35 public libraries serving the Greater Merrimack Valley region of Massachusetts.  MVLC cards may be used at any public library in the consortium. In addition, Pollard Memorial Library is part of the Massachusetts Library System, which gives our patrons access not only to our collection, but to virtually every library collection in the state.

Public Computers

The Pollard Memorial Library has computers available for public use in the following locations:

Location Who Can Use Them? Where to Make Reservation?
Ground Floor Children under 13 Ground Floor
First Floor No age restriction. Filtered internet. Second Floor
Second Floor Patrons 13 and over Second Floor

Book Club Kits

Our consortium has over 240 book club kits to choose from. So wheather you're looking to start a book group for Adults, Teens, or Children they have something for you. Each kit contains 15 paperback books and a discussion guide in an easy-to-carry canvas tote bag. You can borrow the kits out for six weeks. You can reserve a kit up to two years in advance. For more information or to reserve your kit today visit

Tax Forms & Tax Assistance

Many common Federal Income Tax forms are available on the first floor of the library starting in January. Other Federal forms are available online at The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Income Tax forms are available on the first floor of the library. Other state forms and all state tax form instructions are available online at the Massachusetts Department of Revenue website. All paper forms are available while supplies last.

The Lowell Senior Center will be providing tax assistance for persons aged 55 and older starting the first week of February 2014. For more information contact the Senior Center at 978-674-1172. The Lowell Tax Coalition also offers free tax preperation for those who qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit or earn less than $51,000 and file a basic return. For locations and times, please click here.

Wi-fi in the Library

There is Wi-fi available in the Library. However, please be aware that we do not have a secure wireless network  which means it is possible for others to capture your information. In addition, the staff is not able to provide technical support for your laptop.  The patron is expected to adhere to the PML’s Internet Policy. The Library is not responsible for your personal equipment.

Copying Service

The Library has copy machines located on 2 floors - ground and second. There is a $.15 charge per copy. The machines are able to give change for $1 and $5 bills only. (Please note that the public service desks cannot give change) 

Printing Service

Public printers are available on the first and second floors. Users can only print from one of our public use computers or their laptops. (There is no mobile device printing). To make a computer reservation please visit the 2nd floor Information Desk.  There is a $.15 charge per copy. The machines are able to give change for $1 and $5 bills only. (Please note that the public service desks cannot give change).

Instructions to print wirelessly from your laptop in the Pollard Memorial Library. (IN LIBRARY USE ONLY)

  1. Visit the link above and download the installer for your Windows or MAC laptop.
  2. When you have downloaded the file, open it to install the LPT:One Print client. You may need administrator privileges to install applications on your laptop.
  3. Once the Print Client runs, the Floor 1 and Floor 2 printers installed will be (temporarily) installed). 
  4. You may select these printers from within your application, Microsoft Word, Google Chrome, etc. Open the document you wish to print and select print to see the Floor 1 and Floor 2 printers.
  5. Just as when printing from the library’s printers, when prompted to do so type in your user ID (this can be your library card number or simply your name, or initials). This ID will be listed in the printer queue so that you can identify your print job.
  6. Next go to the print-release terminal to select, pay for, and print your document.
  7. Save the LPT:One Installer you downloaded for using again the next time you visit the library, as the Floor 1Floor 2 printers disappear when you restart your laptop

Microfilm Readers

Four microfilm readers are located on the Second Floor.  Printing is available at $.25 per copy. (Please note that the public service desks cannot give change).

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